Dongyang Medical & Hygienic Articles Co.,Ltd in creating excellent brand, set up a good image to the long-term development of the accumulation in the process of the uplifting, excellent enterprise culture, the culture is the core connotation of integrity and innovation.

The good faith is the enterprise survival of the root of life. Enterprises to the public credibility, integrity to society become the most effective guarantee to provide high quality goods consciously, in good faith service, business to do good business ideas and gradually strengthened the enterprise good faith to do good social image, has won the acceptance of the public and social, to cultivate the public trust and loyalty to the enterprise. People-oriented enterprises, to establish a career, enterprise good faith, responsible for employees, staff loyal to the enterprise spirit, to form a good state of mutual promotion, guarantee the smooth and long-term development of the enterprise daily work and success.

Innovation is the original power of enterprise development. Innovation first carry out on the management concept and management strategy, from the implementation of brand building, chain operation to trans-regional make the orderly expansion of the business philosophy of leather. Under the new market pattern enterprise through implementation of the "new ideas, new ideas, new image, new development" of the four new strategy quickly grasp the initiative, take advantage. Innovative thinking also permeate in the daily management and service mode, after three commitments in the first quality, price, service and the first 24 hours free delivery service, as per the success of an innovative service, enterprise's development presents the acceleration, climbing to new heights.

Good faith innovation enterprise culture nurtured a pioneering knowledge team, become a molded dongyang pharmaceutical and health care products co., LTD., remarkable brand strong internal cause, also become enterprise continuously create a success, the cornerstone of success.